Early today when I had just woken up, I was sitting on my favourite armchair and was lifting the coffee cup to my lips, eagerly anticipating the great satisfaction I get from that first sip of morning coffee when my phone alerted me that I had a text message. It was from my best friend, Helga and read:

I think we should go on a little road trip. Pick a city you haven’t been to and let’s go exploring :p

My mind was screaming but I just woke up! I fought the urge to bite her head off and replied with: I haven’t been to Maui

Immediately she fired back with: Can we drive there?

Morning People

You know how some people start chatting cheerfully the moment they open their eyes in the morning? These people can jump out of bed, shower, brush their teeth, put on makeup and be out the door in 10 minutes – without coffee! Really!! Or on the weekend, you can hear them bustling around, putting away dishes or whatever it is they are doing, and singing out ‘good morning’ while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.

These people scare me. I lie in bed as the anxiety builds, knowing that the moment I get up, I will be attacked with pleasantries and a barrage of questions. It hurts my head. It makes me grumpy. If it’s really intense it can put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

Night Owls

Can’t they leave me alone? Let me sip my coffee while I stare at…..no past the bare wall into nothingness for 20 minutes? What do I have to do to get a few blessedly quiet moments to myself?? Do these people hook themselves up to a coffee IV while they sleep at night? Seriously….


I am not a morning person. Over the years, I’ve trained myself to be more cordial, for instance, I can nod my head and appear to be listening. (But I’m not listening, I’m staring at…..no past your forehead). The asking of questions however – that’s crossing the line!

My daughter Michaela, whom I love very much, was probably the greatest obstacle in my quest to spend my mornings staring into nothingness. I was able to teach her though, at a very young age (3 years old) to make herself a bowl of cereal, pop a movie in and when it was over, and only then, was she permitted to approach and speak with me.

I remember the first time Michaela’s friend Denise slept over. I was sitting on my favourite chair, sipping my first coffee and staring past the TV when Denise came out to chat with me. At that moment I swear I could hear my blood rushing past my ears as I silently told myself, in an effort to spare her life, ‘she’s an innocent, a sweet child’ over and over again like a mantra. Thankfully, Michaela woke up, came out of her room, took her little friend by the hand and led her to another room while saying, “No, no, no, do not talk to my Mom; do not make eye contact.”

Are you a Night Owl like me? Or are you one of those Morning People? Either way, how have you learned to cope with the other?