“We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing”

I may be getting older, but I’ll never grow up. I love to play. It’s hard for me to pass a park and not slide down the slide, or swing on the swing or sit on that little tractor/crane thing and shovel sand. When my daughter was small it didn’t look so weird but she’s 18 now and it’s harder to explain.  Have you ever played telephone? How about that game where you create a bizzare story by writing a sentence, folding the paper over to hide it and the next person doing the same…and so on? These games have brought so much laughter and joy to me …. Well into my adulthood!

A few days ago, a Tweep I follow wrote: Grab the nearest book, go to page 47. Line 5 will describe your sex life in 2012. Send me what you get! I grabbed Reflections and Dreams by Nora Roberts and it said….It might not hurt to get it serviced once in a while. Ha! Too funny! So funny I decided to try it as my status message on facebook. Below are the responses I got.

“The Daily meltdowns continue, and I’ve gotten better at dealing with them”. Haha from the book…Life’s That Way… 

All my books are in Spanish now hahah – give me a few days to figure it out. Maybe that is my sex life lol! 

Hehehe Like any natural force, gravity pull can work with us or against us. (The 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen R Covey. 

Okay, you asked for it Young Lady… I grabbed the Anthology of Verse…line 7 of page 47 is Geoffory Chaucer’s “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale ( I am deadly serious here)… ” now Certes, I were worse than a feend…”. A FEEND!…Schwenk, you are in so much trouble for making me do this!  LOL

line 5!!! But that’s funny! 

You are so German sometimes…fine, line 5 “Saide, Gentil sire, allas ( not all-a**”) where will ye goon?” . You’re still in trouble Schwenk. Just wait till Leslie or Polly, or Michelle, or Mary read this, I’ll never live it down. 

haha — “a given space, concerning itself with how the placement of objects affects” — hmmm…. what objects? 🙂 

LOL this is hilarious. “The carbon compounds combining with the meat pigments”  From “Great sausage recipes and meat curing” (The closest book I had) 

Ok. The book is “short walks for inquiring minds in Camore and the Kananaskis” P 47. Line 5. “rock step and hidden waterfall”. And this is the section Heart Creek. 4 km return.  And the next line is “Interpretive signs along the way”. Very fun game. ! 

Mine is “don’t let the fact that I met and dated the worst, most two-timing gay guy through church throw you off” lol What the hell does that say for my sex life?!

Is play important to you? When’s the last time you played?  What are you still doing here? Go grab the nearest book to you! That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it?