I’ve been accused of tunnel vision. When I get something into my head I know…I get single-minded. I can rival a Phd in a subject that interests me! So preamble aside, here is what I want to say to pedestrians: 

I’m a fast walker, always have been, hopefully I always will be fit enough to be one.  I have a long stride for a woman. Maybe it’s my German background, maybe it’s just simple DNA. My Mom is a fast walker too.  She recently shared a story with me regarding this.  When my parents were first married, my mom, always the Fashionista, decked out in suits and heels would walk everywhere (this is before my parents got a car) One day as she and my Dad were walking my Dad turned to her and said, “For Pete’s sake, can’t you even try to walk like a lady?!” To hear my Dad, you’d think she could out walk an Olympian! She probably still can. At the age of 73, she still keeps pace with, and sometimes out paces me. 

Anyway, here’s the deal – my heartfelt plea to pedestrians: 

  1. The sidewalk is not the place for you to gather in herds and have a conversation.
  2. When you see me coming toward you, don’t remain spread out like a British Army from the 1800’s marching in line.
  3. If  you’re not passing someone, stay to the right (if there’s no one in front of you and I’m behind you, move to the right).

 There you have it, it’s not Rocket Surgery. It’s quite simple. What do you think? What are you single-minded about? What drives you stark-raving mad?