Friday Pick 112

Just recently, I started to follow Pat over at Source of Inspiration. Pat publishes a couple of poems a day on her blog. They’re short, thought-provoking and easy to read. This week’s Friday Pick (below) is not a poem however, but it is an interesting topic. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

In Pat’s own words:

Source of Inspiration is in its fourth year. I have refrained from writing an “about” page as these poems are not about me, rather about us. In them we all find inspiration and life lessons to help us grow. When I started this blog, I had never written or read poetry, and had no idea what a blog was or that there were thousands of them. It has astounded me to watch the readership grow…surely an action of Source from whom we receive these beautiful poems.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Pat explores the concept and origins of evil…

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Pat’s Pondering – Evil  by Source of Inspiration


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The Big News And A Trip To Sandy Beach


Lately, when my daughter visits she writes something on my whiteboard and I write something back..

THEY SHOWED UP LATE ON FRIDAY NIGHT.  Michaela had to work that day so she and Josh, Michaela’s boyfriend, didn’t hit the road until dinner time.

Wainwright is a good 5-hour drive to Calgary. They were understandably tired when they finally got here.


They had big news for me. They were going to tell me together on this visit. But Michaela couldn’t keep it in that long. She called me a few days earlier to tell me.

Even when she was a little girl, Michaela could not wait to share things. If she bought a present or made a gift for me, she could not wait for Christmas, or Mother’s Day, or my birthday to give it to me. It drove her nuts and she would beg me to let her give it to me early.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the big news…


Yup, that’s right, my little girl is getting married. They’ve already picked a date; May 9th.

And while they were here they bought their shoes for the big day.

 I’m not even kidding!

The colour scheme for the wedding is BLACK, RED and Silver.

And yes she will be wearing a traditional white dress.

And oh they WILL BE getting red laces for Josh’s shoes.

When I asked about Michaela’s white laces, she said it’s ok because she’s wearing a white dress and would I please wear a red dress…

No problem – heck, can I wear converse too? It’s actually a cute idea!

Here we were talking about their wedding and I was struck with the realization that my little girl wasn’t a little girl anymore.



It was so hot in my little apartment and I suggested we drive to Sandy Beach, a spot Michaela and I used to visit when she was a little girl. I figured we could find a cool, shady spot to relax and talk or read. 

So with blanket and books in hand we headed out.

Well the plan was a good one, but the weather wasn’t cooperating.

We were there for only 30 minutes when the winds picked up and the sky began to ever so lightly drizzle rain on us.

We packed up our gear and headed to My Favourite Ice Cream Shop.

Ahh, such great memories of sitting outside eating ice cream with my little girl...

Ahh, such great memories of sitting outside eating ice cream with my little girl…

As soon as we got our ice cream it began to rain hard – so much for sitting on the bench!


Is it hard for you to wait for a specific day to share news or give a gift?

What do you think of wearing converse shoes with a wedding dress?

What’s your favourite ice cream flavor? 

It All Comes Out In The Wash…


You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from. – Cormac McCarthy

Can you look back on a particular situation where you are sure divine intervention saved you a world of trouble ?

Because even when we plan for the future to ensure that we will be prepared for whatever may come, bad or unforeseen things can happen to foil our carefully laid plans.

Sometimes what seems like a bad thing at the time, ends up being the best thing that ever happened to us.

Many years ago, I missed catching a ride with someone  because I answered the phone and ended up chatting longer than I had intended.

Irritated with the situation and mumbling under my breath, I hailed a cab.

Upon arriving at my destination, I learned that my would-have-been driver had been in an accident.

I’ve experienced a handful of similar situations with varying degrees of seriousness.

Enough to make me more patient when things don’t always go my way.

A missed flight…

an unsuccessful job application…

…might just be the best thing that ever happened.


Has something seemingly bad ever worked out for the best for you?

8 Degrees Hotter – Saturday Bonus Post


Hundreds of wild fires are burning in BC, Alberta and NWT. I hope everyone stays safe, but I can’t help marvel at the beauty of the sky caused by the haze. Photo by Maureen Young

So I was walking at my usual Soldier-on-a-Mission pace up 17th Avenue, finding myself occasionally stuck behind groups of people taking up the entire width of the sidewalk, and weaving in and out of people as I passed them when I got the chance.

I turned down 4th Street and Bliss.

No one on the sidewalk, except for two men about a block and half away.

The gap between me and them shrank quickly as I continued walking. The closer I got to them, the better I could hear what they were saying.

At one point, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds and haze caused by the smoke from all the wild fires burning everywhere.

One man said to the other, “Whoa! It suddenly got 8 degrees hotter!”

Now you may surmise he said this because of the sudden burst of sunlight, and I can see how you might come to that conclusion.

But just one second earlier, I passed them on their left – they must have seen me and that’s why he said that! ;)

Friday Pick 111

I first came across Mark’s blog at Markbialczac when fellow blogger novelist, Rachel Carrera featured him on her blog; stating that Mark was a ‘must follow.’ Mark takes his readers along on his outings, weekly golf trips with his buds, shares his gardening adventures with them and writes movie reviews! His posts are always interesting and always end with questions. He is highly interactive!

In Mark’s own words:

Mark Bialczak is a veteran journalist who has lived in the Syracuse area since 1983. In early 2013, he was set free to write about whatever he wants.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Mark takes as along to the 32nd M&T Syracuse Jazz Fest where a king is brought out onto the stage…

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A King can still count on his court, BB shows by Markbialczac



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Sweet Sizzling Summer in The City



It’s been so hot! My thick ‘Russian-hat-like-hair’ makes me sweat like crazy.

But I’m not complaining. No Sir! I am crazy in love with summer!

And today they’re calling for 31c, that’s almost 90f for Pete’s sake, it’s gonna be a scorcher and unlike places further south, most of us don’t have AC.

Sleeping at night is a fan-on-stay-on-top-of-the-covers and don’t-let-any-part-of-your-body-touch-any-other-part-of-your-body affair.

But I’m not complaining. No Sir! I am crazy in love with summer!

And because I love summer so much. I try to get out there as often as I can.

I’ve also been quite busy with work. I have several projects I’m working on so my days have been pretty full even though I’m getting up extra early to fit it all in. I haven’t had a lot of time for socializing, or writing and reading posts. I miss my friends and keeping up with what you’re all up to!

For an extrovert like me, it’s been an interesting experience.

It's been just me and my shadow...

It’s been just me and my shadow…

But I have something else to look forward to. My daughter is coming to visit this weekend!

Check out my latest summer photos below.

Between working and trying to get out in the sunshine as much as possible, my days are pretty full.

But I’m not complaining. No sir! I’m crazy in love with summer!


How’s your summer going?



Getting On Board


Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous patience. – Hyman Rickover

Change – everyone extols its virtues.

Many claim to be agents of it.

Nobody really wants it…

…unless it’s their idea, or a change toward something they’re familiar with that has worked for them in the past.

The way I see it, when implementing change, you can decide on one of two ways to get there. Both ways have pros and cons.


PROS: This method usually yields quick results in the short-term, it even looks really great on paper.

CONS: This method is more likely to create resentment and alienate you from your team.


PROS:This method usually allows others to get on board and is sustainable over the long-term.  

CONS: This method takes longer and is not satisfying to those seeking immediate results.

Both ways are hard work; the first way, in the end and the second way, right up front.